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Alan was matched with Little Brother Demarcus in 2005, when Demarcus was just 10 years old.

“I know for sure that both of us have benefited from knowing one another and sharing our lives,“ says Alan. “At some point, and I don't know exactly when it was, our relationship evolved from a structured activity into a true friendship. Friends are clearly among the most important assets one can have in life. So we have both derived a benefit that is precious and rare.”

Alan and Demarcus have shared many memories over the past six years, some as exciting as being on-field for a Jets practice when Brett Favre was quarterback to simply going to the book store or spending time sharing their mutual love of photography. Most importantly, Alan has been a consistent and positive force in Demarcus’ life.Demarcus’ mother, Janet, wrote in her nomination letter, “Alan has remained faithful to Demarcus through the many adversities we have had to face, from moving many times to being homeless at one point. No matter where we ended up, Alan was there.”

Now 16 years old, Demarcus wrote “I am now realizing the impact that the agency and Alan have on my life. I don’t cave to peer pressure, I know how to think for myself, I now know that hard work, as long as it is honest work, pays off, I know I have choices and know how to make the right ones. It’s always Alan who encourages me to keep going and tells me in order to play the game, I have to get in.”


Natatia and Nneka were first matched up in November 2012. And almost 2 years later, they have established a friendship that has been positive and rewarding for both Big and Little.

“I’ve learned so much from my Big Sister”, says Nneka. “She’s taught me how to work hard at school and she’s also taught me to be confident.”

Their friendship developed while participating in various activities together that included going to the library, getting manicures, and participating in community service activities together. “I like that Natatia switches up what they do. Sometimes it's creative or active, and sometimes it’s just them hanging out. There’s something about the match that Nneka feels like she can be herself. I see my daughter is so much more confident since being matched up with Natatia.” Maxine, Nneka’s mother, stated about the match.

Natatia also feels great reward in being a Big Sister. “I didn’t expect it but I’ve learned a lot from my Little Sister. I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve also learned to look at life through the eyes of a child. Life isn’t always as complicated as we make it.”


Malachi was matched up with Big Brother, Mike, in July 2012 and they have been hanging out every week since.

When they're together, Malachi and Mike always have a good time. You can find them hanging out at Dave & Busters, riding bikes through the park, or going out for ice cream. Malachi stated with a big smile, “Mike makes me feel happy. He’s made my life fun.”

Mike was inspired to volunteer while reflecting on the positive experiences and relationships he had as a child. And two years later, Mike feels that being a Big Brother has been a rewarding experience. “It’s a lot of fun hanging out with Malachi. He lets me be a kid again. This has been one of the greatest experiences ever. I feel like he really appreciates spending time with me.”


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